They call it a lifestyle change

Really, it’s a diet, just like any other diet.

Weight Watchers, that is.

As diets go, it’s great and all, but you’re still watching, constantly watching – watching what you eat, watching what you weigh, watching how your pants fit, watching what you put in your cart.

Only two people and my email circle (I think) know about my foray into Weight Watchers Online because I don’t want the rest of the world watching my plate, watching my pants, watching my fork from the table to my mouth and back.

This comes up at the moment because one of my errands this afternoon was to The Container Store to buy lunch containers. Then I stopped by the grocery for my weekly shopping.

I just spent half an hour assembling lunch and breakfast for the week, and snacks too, because I can’t leave room for error. I know exactly how many points each container, er, contains, and when I will consume it.

There were a few vegetables I couldn’t get at the store I was at, and I’m in a little bit of a panic about getting them tomorrow after work, because what if it storms? I won’t feel like stopping, and that will throw off dinners for the whole week, and I will err.

Losing weight takes a long time. It takes longer than gaining it does, for sure. Every time I can’t get something, or I forget something, or there’s a blip in the pattern, it’s a potential setback for me, a pound deferred to next week, or the next week, or the next month, or maybe just…never.

Last night was my first big challenge and it was okay. I had prepared all week for it.

It just seems sometimes like I will never have another spontaneous meal in my life.

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