Who says what’s tacky?

Well, I do, for one. And you can go by me, because I go by Emily Post and Miss Manners and Leticia Baldridge and Ann Landers and generations of women who knew SAS.

There was a rollicking conversation last night over at Lynn’s blog about baby showers for second babies born within a few years of first babies, and then about showers for second weddings.

We (Lynn and I) don’t believe in it.

I’m going to tell you why (of course I am).

A shower invitation, bridal or baby, is an invoice for a gift

. It’s to help the bride or new mother get started on a brand new phase of her life.

There is no other invitation in the social repertoire that is an invoice for a gift aside from the shower invitation.

Now. All weddings and births are joyous occasions, so of course it is lovely to celebrate them. By all means, buy gifts, throw a tea party! Have cocktails! Just don’t have a shower.

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2 Responses to Who says what’s tacky?

  1. ellen herbert says:

    I agree. Showers for second weddings are tacky. I skipped them personally and don’t attend them as a rule.
    Wordpress is great btw – and I will follow your blogs anywhere(scotchegg)

  2. Amanda says:

    Never understood it. Amen! I love to send lovely monogrammed gifts after bundle arrives and I like to be on the tail end of 1st year of marriage with gift to make sure it’s still going strong!

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