What I did on my long weekend

What I did was I painted my kitchen cabinets.

My kitchen cabinets were fairly new – maybe two years old. I picked them out and ordered them myself, in fact.

But the color was…off.

It wasn’t white and it wasn’t gray and it wasn’t, well, it wasn’t anything I could quite put my finger on.

I was having a hell of time picking a color for the walls that would go with it, and moreover, that would go with the red dining room it spills into, and I’m not willing to change the color of the dining room.

So to hell with it. I painted the very expensive cabinets. I painted them purple. If you want to get all technical about it, I painted them raisin.

Now. You might not believe this, but raisin is more neutral than chalk, or whatever the color of the cabinets was.

I think I’ll paint the walls gilded pear.

In other exciting news, Wednesday will be June 1. The projected temperature for June 1 in the briarpatch is 96 degrees. Allow me to point out that it’s not even really summer yet. Lord have mercy.

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4 Responses to What I did on my long weekend

  1. Shani says:

    I believe I need to see some photographs.

  2. jaysaint says:

    I’m also ready for photos whenver you’re ready for uploading.

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