What does it mean…

…when a married man has profiles on several online dating sites?

I don’t make a habit of watching Hoda & Kathie Lee on the fourth hour of “The Today Show,” but I happened to be home the other day and they had a segment called Guys Tell All and that was the question a woman asked.

I turned off the television before I could see the rest of it, but I already knew the answer and will share it with you:

He is planning to date someone who is not you.

I wish I knew what she thought they were going to say, because I’m pretty sure I know about what she hoped they would say, but you don’t go to the funeral home if you’re not planning a funeral, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

I should be an advice columnist. Someone get me in touch with Hoda and Kathie Lee.

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2 Responses to What does it mean…

  1. See, to me, that’s like when dubious news shows put questions at the bottom of the screen.

    “Should gays be punished with the death penalty in Uganda?”

    “Should Muslims be allowed to hold federal office?”

    “Should bears be punished if they shit in the woods?”

    It’s like — any person in their right mind knows the answer to these questions. They are fishing for the ones who are not in their right minds and WANNA TELL YOU ALL ABOUDDIT.

    • S. says:

      That poor woman was gorgeous. I think she might have been genuinely stunned, like she’d never been disappointed by a man before.

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