Well. That was surprising.

I mean, it’s not like nobody in my entire life has ever decided to take their ball and go home, but y’all, we’re grownups.

Lemme back up for a second here.

Last week I had (very) early dinner and a movie with Jeff and Carlton, and we were talking about the miracle of Facebook and defriending and hiding people, and Carlton and I are in agreement that defriending people just causes unnecessary drama, when you can just hide them – you know, put them over there and look in on them from time to time. No need to cause awkward questions and hurt feelings when you don’t have to.

Now. For the record, every now and again, I have myself a quiet little purge, clean things up, get rid of people who I haven’t heard from since they requested the pleasure of my company (er, people who have hidden me, as it were), but I don’t make a big deal of it, like when certain people call other certain people up to tell them they’re never speaking to them again.

But anyway.

Last week, there was a conversation that occurred on my wall (very adult term) about Caley’s Law (which I happen to think is an idiotic knee-jerk reaction). The conversation was not heated, nobody called anybody else stupid, the terms liberal and conservative did not come up, nor do I believe there were any accusations of whoremongering or other illegal or unsavory activities.

I have had and expressed more incendiary opinions in more incendiary ways than I did in that conversation.

(At this time I will point out that it is somewhat weird to call discourse between a handful of strangers conversation.)


The next day or so I noticed that my number of friends had dwindled by one. I didn’t look for who it was because Facebook is like that – people come, people go, people come again. But today I got to wondering where someone was and she’s gone.

I cannot say for certain that our little disagreement sent her over the edge, but it’s the last trace I can find of her. All of which is to say that I hope it’s not, because I like her, and I value her input. So if she’s reading this, I hope she comes back or at least sends up a signal.

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4 Responses to Unfriended!

  1. Joey Potter says:

    In the heat of passion or a snit of anger, I’ve “unfriended” people for a moment of closure. Folks with “thousands” of friends can’t possibly be interested in “you” specifically…they are more interested in collecting, with bragging rights. Facebook uniquely gives everyone the opportunity to be heard, but sometimes, people don’t want to hear it, even from me. Such is life, right?

  2. Jillian says:

    How can you tell? I have no idea how many friends I have. I’m confident I’ve been dropped but I can’t prove it.

    • S. says:

      Well, when you’re on your page where it’s just your wall, there’s a list over there that says how many friends you currently have. I noticed that the number had dropped. I had no idea who was gone, of course, and no inclination to figure out who it was, but when I went looking for my missing friend, there she wasn’t it.

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