For crying out loud

A few weeks ago, two of our favorite guys up in Vermont came up with a new flavor.

They called it Schweddy Balls, after a sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

Now, predictably, a group of parents is up in arms about the name of the ice cream.

And this is what I have to say about that: not everything in the world is suitable for children, nor should it be.

If those people don’t like the name of the product, it’s a free market and they can make their own ice cream and call it anything they want to.

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12 Responses to For crying out loud

  1. ivymiranda says:

    Well, fuck me in both ears.

  2. Don’t you know this world revolves around them Susan geesh!

  3. Possible flavors for thos naysayera:
    How about Judgemental Custard?
    The World Revolves My Children Swirl?

  4. ivymiranda says:

    Mmm. Chunky judgment.

  5. Steph says:

    As for myself, I cannot wait to purchase my pint of Schweddy Balls.

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