Flame wars and Facebook and Strangers

Today I commented on someone’s Facebook about a link she had posted about Rick Perry’s (wife’s) believe that Perry is being “brutalized” because he’s a Christian.

Which paints him a little too Jesus-like for my personal taste, for one big thing, but that’s not where I’m going today.

They go further to say that he has been “called” to run for office. I’ve got a beef with that too, while I’m bitching. Politics is not a holy calling. You don’t get called to run for office; you get called to the clergy, you get called to give your soul to God. You do not get called to compromise all your principles just to be at the top of the heap.

I posted as much in response and found myself being, er, heavily responded to by some man I do not even know, who extrapolated from that one remark that I’m to the far left (I am not) and am bigoted toward Republicans and slavishly devoted to the POTUS.

I responded about as mildly as I could and he responded that he would not attack me or the way I live.

Nevermind. Here is what transpired between the two of us (names redacted):

ME: In the first place, politics is not a holy calling. You don’t “get the call” to run for office. You get the call to be a preacher. What a maroon.

HIM: Susan, every Republican is stupid and every Democrat is a genius. The GOP candidates for President are evil. BHO is the greatest President ever. Does that about cover it? TH

ME: Your powers of extrapolation are severely lacking. That ridiculous comment comes nowhere near expressing my opinion.

HIM: I will not express my opinion of you nor your life. The constant refrain that you and your liberal friends repeat is pathetic. 2012 will bring much needed change. Waiting…

ME: You did, but you’re only brave enough to do it in a passive-aggressive fashion. It’s cool, whatever works for you.

HIM: Susan, I am not being passive. I believe that there are many things missing in your life. You feel a part of a larger group by making stupid comments about politicans who are in the news. Do you attend church? What is your faith? Do you have a happy home life? Are you happy with the amount of money that you earn? Finally, do you have any conservative friends? TH, one cool guy

ME: You know nothing about me, Tim. And you never will. Except that I think you’re an asshole.

HIM: You are pathetic. Your opinion is worthless. Very certain that you have a sorry life. Please give up the hate and anger.

I looked the gentleman in question up. He’s a dentist, an educated man. I won’t list his name here, but if you’re going to the dentist in south Metro Atlanta and are concerned that this obviously irrational person might be drilling your teeth, send me a message and I’ll tell you who he is.

Had one friend of mine attacked another like that on my wall, I’d have told them to cut it out, and if they didn’t, I’d have shut them down for being rude and out of control, as I have done previously. I’m a little disappointed that the host didn’t tell him to shut it, not because of his politics, but because he was so rude; I expected better, because I would have given better.

The world is a hard, hard place without people being deliberately ugly.

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4 Responses to Flame wars and Facebook and Strangers

  1. jaysaint says:

    I don’t understand how people like that function.

    Is it possible your friend didn’t see the exchange as it was happening? I am often guilty of neglecting my social spaces for days on end. Otherwise, one would hope the host would not allow that in “her house.”

  2. Maureen says:

    Wow. He really came across as asinine. I like that you’re willing to steer concerned patients away from him if need be. Very disappointing that the FB page owner/host didn’t shut him down.

    • S. says:

      I find myself dismayed when people allow their friends to be ugly to each other. I don’t allow it.

      And yes, I will spill the beans about medical professionals who I think might be dangerously inclined.

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