Raised by wolves!

Hand to my heart, someone posted this to an etiquette board:

I am a nice Jewish girl. Well, not so sure about the nice part. Anyway……my partner is not Jewish, and her family is quite religious. Of course I don’t celebrate Christmas, but they don’t seem to understand this and buy me Xmas gifts, which invariably I don’t want or need. Would it be rude to tell them not to buy me gifts, but instead donate to a charity in my/our name (s)?

Yes, you dumbass, it would be rude.

Honestly, when the over-the-internet dopeslap is invented, I’m downloading it immediately.

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4 Responses to Raised by wolves!

  1. JenChicken says:

    This popped up on my news feed as well as your response. I let out an audible cheer! For the love of Pete.

  2. Whitt says:

    MAN, I’d be grateful they accepted me as my partner’s significant other, unlike many parents of homosexual kids!

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