365 Truths

I have a box of them. 365 truths, that is.

For 2012, I aim to post one each day.

Today’s truth is:

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. ā€“ Ancient Chinese Belief

I also aim not to read them all at one time, tonight, but I can’t promise that (although they’ve been sitting here for two weeks now and I’ve managed not to rifle through the box, so maybe I can restrain myself).

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, aside from things like deciding to throw away pens that no longer work immediately, which has actually saved me hours each year.

But back to today’s truth. I can believe that. There are many people I know who I think I must have been meant to meet for some reason, and some of them I think I’ve gone around with before.

I just finished a novel called Breakfast with Buddha. You should read it.

I should go to bed, but there’s a Bridgette Jones movie on.

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Reader, writer, talker, knitter, picture taker, tennis player, music lover, Southerner.
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5 Responses to 365 Truths

  1. JenChicken says:

    I think that’s true. I think you’re living testament to it, at least in my book.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love this and I am a HUGE believer! True story–10 years ago Grady and I had an incredibly exquisite meal in a quaint European restaurant at the beach. The waiter was so fantastic I proceeded to ask and listen to his life story–then hire his wife to take pix of my kids on the beach and then proceed to never see him again—until 4 nights ago from across a crowded Miami style beach restaurant. I flagged him down–re-introduced ourselves and find he was now the GM of this trendy new place and divorced from aforementioned wife. He proceeded to “treat” us to dessert wines and THE.MOST.DELICIOUS. Banana cream something something a la mode. Banana desserts and i knew it was meant to meet Andrew.

  3. Mamie says:

    I just realized I could respond to some of your posts, many of which I just laugh with you; God Bless You for making others smile with your perspectives.

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