I forgot to close the washing machine, so now I have to wait to take my shower. Which means I have to watch The Kardashians until the washer finishes.

None of this would have happened if I’d just kept taking my laundry to Wanda. Instead, I decided that other homeowners own washers and dryers and I should own one too. So I got myself a set.

I did the appropriate research and shopped around and had the whole shebang delivered. I even had to do some minor electrical work to hook it all.

But see, when I took it to Wanda, I dropped it off on Monday morning and picked it up Monday morning, and my whites glowed and my coloreds were bright, and it was all folded and ready to be put away. I’m crappy at laundry and I put off doing it and it sits in the basket when it’s all done and I have to hang it in the shower because it’s wrinkled.

I don’t think I’m actually saving $52 a month doing my own laundry, in any case.

And now I’m in the precarious position of knowing that a baby grand piano in New York city has been sullied by a Kardashian sister and her boyfriend and they’re going to return it to the store.

All because of that stupid washer and dryer.

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