This came up in conversation

I don’t particularly like to discuss politics, because people don’t really discuss politics any more so much as they try to convince you their opinion is the only right opinion.

Friday night my cousin Lynn and I were guests at Cavalia and there was a 30-minute intermission. We were sitting there, minding our own business, screwing around with our phones, when the gentleman behind us leaned forward and said, “You two aren’t texting each other, are you?”

We were having a pretty pleasant conversation, the three of us, and he was telling us all about horses, and of course he didn’t realize that Lynn knows horses, so I sort of slid that in there before he could make a total ass of himself.

And then he got a phone call and told the caller he was just sitting there talking to the two ladies in front of him.

Then that person came back and she was…quite a bit younger than the three of us and badly in need of foundation garments.

The conversation turned to politics and how President Obama didn’t show up in court on Friday and how he wasn’t even legal to be POTUS, and I said, “We need to stop talking about this right now because I don’t want to end up pissed off.”

But he didn’t want to stop, so I asked if he was a birther and he said that no, he was a constitutionalist, and went on to explain to me how Obama was born in Hawaii, yeah, yeah, but that didn’t matter because his father was never a citizen, so every piece of legislation he has ever signed is ILLEGAL.

I just said, “They’re not going to toss all those laws, you know.”

And then mercifully Lynn looked up from her phone and said, “HA! I knew I had a picture of my horse in here!” and that was the end of that.

I really, truly don’t care who anyone votes for as long as they do vote, but I feel the need to set this citizenship issue straight, even though I don’t know weird Kevin’s last name and have no way of telling him the facts of the matter:

To be qualified to be the POTUS, a person must be a natural born citizen, which is to say he (or she) must be born on American soil, or born of two American citizens. If born of two American citizens on foreign soil, he or she must live on American soil for 14 years; the Constitution does not specify whether the 14 years must be consecutive.

I learned that in Katisue Harrington’s civics class in 1980. It was true then, and it’s true now.

There. I feel better already.

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2 Responses to This came up in conversation

  1. I’m just going to save that bit of legalize in an email that I can cut and paste anytime some of my more conservative family members tries to go down that road.

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