It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down

That’s the lyric that keeps running through my head.

We spend a lot of our time taking pictures of other people with their cameras. It seems to make them happy.

We also spend a lot of time talking to strangers.

Today was the Colosseum, which is my favorite thing after the Pantheon. When I get there, I feel like I do when I’m running errands I get to the thing I was trying to remember where I was actually trying to go.

There weren’t over many people there, since there was actually a marathon in Rome today and we were walking the opposite direction of the course, toward the end of it, in the street, where previously it was utterly terrifying to even be on the sidewalks.

We had lunch at the place that’s directly beside and below our windows, and dinner there, too. One of us should have brought a pedometer, because we walk and walk and walk and walk, then stop for a snack and walk some more. The piazzas begin to run together.

Tomorrow we head to Florence for three days, where we’ll check out the Uffizi and The Accadamia to see Venus on the Half Shell and The David, and Santa Croce, and The Duomo and the Baptistry doors. We might go to the Hard Rock Cafe, cheesy as that sounds, for an American hamburger.

Everything here is on such a grand scale that it’s kind of hard to take it all in, but we both did finally admit that we spend so much time running up on the Pantheon that we’ve stopped feeling compelled to take pictures of it every time.

We’ve made some friends here in our neighborhood, people who know our names and are happy to see us coming. It does not suck to be us.

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