The clothes,

they did not magically dry overnight on the charmingly termed “clothes horse.”

Grimace very graciously went over to the Hard Rock Café and got me a lovely sweatshirt (with a front pocket! and a hood!).

I have felt like a jackass all day long, but it was either that or something with The Who in glitter.

Due to our Double Charlie Foxtrot, we missed our appointment at the Uffizi, but did go see the David. Looks just like the one outside the magistrate building, and the trillions of tiny ones inside all the stores.

Actually, I have seen the David before, and I was shocked to find that it wasn’t glossy, because it sure looks glossy in pictures.

We roamed around the city for awhile until we were both stumbling and came back and took naps. These Italians might be on to something; taking a rest made a huge difference in our outlooks.

For dinner, we went back to the Hard Rock. Sometimes you just need an American hamburger and to watch videos on a giant screen.

Tomorrow we head back to Rome on the lovely train with our still slightly damp clothes. We love it here, but we miss our nabe at the Pantheon.

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4 Responses to The clothes,

  1. Can you please take a picture out your window in Rome so I can see if I recognize it?

    BTW, a good lunch restaurant in Rome, just off the Piazza Navona: Cul-de-sac. They have a wine list to die for and the food is really good. They are very near one of my favorite statues in the city, the Pasquino (you’ll have to tell me whether he’s adorned or not).

    Here’s their website, which Google Translate does a fairly good job of translating:

  2. shanigentry says:

    Oh no, no drying rack? Bad deal.

    • S. says:

      Well, there was one, but it wasn’t warm enough to really help. We brought stuff home still faintly damp. It’ll be okay.

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