Just to shake things up a little

The Masters is coming up.

I don’t play golf and I don’t belong to a country club.

But here’s a little tidbit for you to ponder.

Augusta National doesn’t allow women members.

Women may play at Augusta National as guests. Of men.

IBM has long been one of the major sponsors of the The Masters.

The last four CEOs of IBM have been invited to become members of Augusta National.

The new CEO of IBM is Ginni Rometty.

About ten years ago, give or take, there was a big hooha, brought on by Martha Burk, about women not being allowed as members at Augusta National.

Thus far, Ms. Rometty has not been extended an invitation.

Nor has IBM walked away with their money.

I’m not a CEO.

I’m a business manager and editor. Someone else signs my checks and tells me what time I can leave.

It wasn’t easy to get where I got. It had to be a death-defying stunt to get where Ginni Rometty got.

I’m aware that The Masters is one of the greatest traditions in sporting history. I’m also aware that Augusta National is a private club and they can do as they please.

But the reality is that entire careers and fortunes are won and lost on golf courses.

In 2012, it seems a bit quaint that an entire segment of the population always has to be the poor relation.

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2 Responses to Just to shake things up a little

  1. Kt says:

    I just heard about this today. I had no idea that the 300 members were all male–it never occurred to me that it would still be like that today.

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