Let me up, I’ve had enough.

The ceiling patch had to come down.

It was put up without being taped along the joins and it wasn’t any kind of flush with the ceiling. The insulation men flat-out refused to put the insulation in because it wasn’t even sealed enough to keep the insulation from leaking out.  And when it did eventually come out (and it was coming out, make no mistake), all of the insulation would fall out of the attic and into the rest of the house.

I called the project manager and left a message that we were having an urgent urgency, and then called the foreman, who I reached immediately.

The foreman got here first, and didn’t seem to see the problem with the patches protruding a half inch from the ceiling, and told me he could float it out. I just stood there and smiled at him until he decided he’d just take them down and start all over again.

The project manager came and agreed it had to all come out, so that worked out fine.

I was home Monday through Wednesday, just to make the point that I am on top of this, dammit.

I hate riding herd on people who should just do their damn jobs, and I hate hanging around the house when I need to be at work. I also hate when people are put in the position of doing double work because of sloppiness.

And now, here I am, days later than I should be, with clothes and shoes and the crap that was on the shelves in the top of the closet still strewn all over the house.

God forbid I should die, because it looks like a hoarder lives here. There’s dust all over the place from the sheetrock mud, and plastic is taped to the floors.

Derrick tells me that by the end of tomorrow, it will all be done. It’s going to have to be. My dog is having such terrible seasonal allergies that she’s scratched herself raw and is on prednisone, and yesterday morning I got horrible news about a friend of mine. I’ve had a headache every day for weeks now.

I need my house to be in some kind of order.

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