I’m going to miss that Mara Davis

Saturday was the end of DaveFM, which used to be Z93.

I know that everybody listens to XM radio now, or streams Pandora, or uses their iPods to listen to music, but I’m a radio holdout.

I grew up going listening to the radio, and still listen to the radio. I like the patter of the DJs and the variety of the music.

When I got to college, the local radio station had about as much wattage as a blow dryer, but then I moved here, and there was so much radio.

Mara Davis moved here not longer after I did, and I have listened to her at some point almost every work day.

Last week was ridiculous. I have been mourning the demise of DaveFM, and dreading the day that radio becomes fully automated.

This morning I turned on the radio and turned it back off. I don’t even know Mara Davis, but she’s sort of emceed my life. I hope she finds somewhere on the air somewhere soon, because I feel kinda lonesome.

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