Big, nasty sandwich

I had one last night. It was delicious.

It was a brisket burger from Fox Bros. and I’ve been tiptoeing around it for years, because the description makes it sound like things could go wrong in a split second.

But last night, my brother and I were picking up dinner for our mother and stepfather and I finally decided it was just one meal out of a thousand this year and went for it.

Let me tell you about it: it’s chopped brisket, melted with pimento cheese, on a bun, with jalapeño mayonnaise. With pickles.

I’m a little ill just reading that back to myself.

I ate about a quarter of it before I had to just wrap it back up to make another run at it tonight. But I gotta tell you, that’s a fine specimen of a sandwich.

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2 Responses to Big, nasty sandwich

  1. Shani says:

    That sounds Brilliant!

  2. Kt says:

    Sometimes you just have to do it … sounds great!

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