Botox update

All kidding about the Botox aside, I think it’s working. I’m typing that softly because I don’t want to jinx it.

My forehead feels like when you do that dead man’s fingers thing with your friend. It’s my forehead, but I sort of can’t feel it from the inside. Which is weird.

And I can’t frown. I can lift my eyebrows, but I can’t frown, so if the need arises, I announce I’m frowning at you.

Where the injections were around my neck, the muscles are…disabled, I guess, and the muscles around those muscles are having to compensate, which has been an adjustment.

As the day wears on, the compensating muscles become incredibly tired from holding up my head (which is large anyway) and I have been getting a headache (for lack of a better term) back there. I’ve been able to get rid of it with a dose of Butalbital, which is what I take for tension-type headaches.

Today is the first day that I made it all the way to 3:00 before the neck fatigue set in. I took one pill with a glass of water and stretched a little bit. I’m having some isolated fatigue in the area, but it’s not like a headache, it’s just tired.

I haven’t been awakened by a headache since I had the injections.

Here’s hoping progress continues in this fashion.

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2 Responses to Botox update

  1. Shani says:

    Oh yay! Glad you are seeing some success here.

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