Things I’m looking forward to

Soon I will be vocationally dislocated for some period of time.

While I do hope this won’t be for a protracted period of time, there are some things I’m looking forward to doing while I am.

I need to clean out my pantry in the worst way. I can barely get it all the way open now, and when I do, I can’t see what’s in there. It’s making me nuts.

My living room floor could stand to be stripped and waxed really good. I don’t particularly enjoy this sort of thing. Unless I can rent a machine. Then I rather like it. Even better would be if I had reason to rent a forklift, which I do not know how to drive, but how hard could it be?

Lunch. I’d like to have lunch with my DF, Jennifer, or maybe some coffee, or maybe just sit around doing nothing but giggling. And Lynn. I like hanging out with Lynn in the middle of the day. My other Lynn, my cousin Lynn, has to travel up this way sometimes to work. We might could have lunch or something.

I need to make a quick trip to Savannah to see some people I want to see, and check out Savannah.

Then I need to stop in Middle Georgia and visit family, take care of some bidness, have a hamburger at the Minit Grill, that sort of thing.

If I manage to get all that done, I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. And then I hope I’ll be done with having free time.

About S.

Reader, writer, talker, knitter, picture taker, tennis player, music lover, Southerner.
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