Tomorrow I have to go get my Botox for Migraines shots, all 37 of them. 

The last time I had them, I learned something: you won’t have the neck drop if you hold your head up straight for the rest of the entire day. Which makes the rest of the day horribly unproductive, but it’s worth it. 

Our business, Done & Done, is up and running. It’s going well. We get busier and busier everyday, so it’s a good thing we like being busy. 

The most important thing I have to say is that a month ago, my friend John had brain surgery for a cancerous tumor. The tumor is 100% gone, but he will still be going through chemo and radiation. His journey is far from over, but he is concentrating on being well so that he will be well. I appreciate all of your good thoughts and prayers for him and his wife. 

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  1. I think your website is down at the moment, but I am excited to see it.

    I am sorry for your friend with brain cancer, and I send him good thoughts.

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