Fried Red Tomato Sandwich

Today my brother and I had occasion to be in Dublin. We had lunch at one of our places we like that WAS NOT THE MINUTE GRILL. 

I ordered a sandwich that was supposed to be fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, and bacon. 


The tomatoes were not green. They were, in fact, red. Which makes a big difference, if you know SAS about your vegetables. 

It ruined the whole thing for me. Because a fried ripe tomato is a terrible thing. 

I ended up pulling the whole thing apart and picking out the bacon and pimento cheese and eating them with my sweet potato fries. 

I ended up telling the waitress, who was also the manager, that I didn’t need her to do anything about it, but it was a sorry excuse for a sandwich, and then I felt better about it. 

It’s a good thing the lemon pepper pork skins were good. 

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