It is cold, y’all.

I like to state the obvious sometimes.

It is cold here in the briarpatch, but at least I ain’t out in it, stranded in my car, trying to get back to the house, wondering how many more minutes it’s going to be before I have to abandon whatever shred of self dignity I have left and get out beside my vehicle and tinkle in front of thousands of other stranded motorists.

From inside the house, looking out the windows, it is a gorgeous day – heartbreakingly blue skies and that wintry sun that looks like the light they use in jewelry stores. Aside from the constant drip-drip of the faucets, it’s quiet in the house – not even a radio to keep me company, and m’dawg isn’t snoring, either.

I’d like to claim that I’ve been productive today, but the only thing I’ve done is sleep off another migraine and have a cup of coffee. Now that that’s done, I’ll do a little work and make a little lunch and get ready for tomorrow, when they tell me it’s going to be really cold. I

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