Things I have already thought today, in no particular order

That’s a lot of tan for one person. I wonder if she gets her skin checked. Probably not.

Dark hose, light shoes: wrong.

I did not know that Liz and Evan were related.

I would like some quiche. Why is there no quiche?

Jimmy Baron must be high.

This is a really long red light.

I wonder where this street goes. Oops.

Viva la Revolución!

I wonder if Natalie Munroe has had that baby yet?

How do you pronounce Antener?

Why do I not have any saline solution?

Execute the turn, please.

Will there be swimming in Minnesota this summer?

Ooh! A Smart Car!

I need to go to bed earlier.


Should I get a bike?

Hmm. Orzo.

That tea really was very good.

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7 Responses to Things I have already thought today, in no particular order

  1. >I believe it is safe to assume that it was not the $15 per cup tea.

  2. Susan says:

    >No, it was that tea. I was sitting here thinking about it, but I am not in possession of it.

  3. Peter says:

    >Your thoughts are so much more coherent than mine, which usually consist of, "What the hell…" and "Huh. Weird."

  4. Susan says:

    >Well, I did weed out the less cogent ones.

  5. Xavier says:

    >Jimmy Baron is even still around?

  6. JenChicken says:

    >I don't much like to swim in the lake because it's weedy, but it can be done.

  7. Susan says:

    >Well, good. That will save me the agony of finding a swimsuit, and you the agony of seeing me in it.

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