I want a chandelier in my bedroom. One with crystals. Badly.

Conventional wisdom says you should have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, and I do, but it’s ugly. Besides, I can’t sleep with a ceiling fan running because it gives me a terrible sore throat and wrecks my sinuses. I’m delicate that way.

Amanda wants one in her laundry room. I’m not sure how elaborate she wants hers to be, though.

I had dinner with Jennifer and the chirren tonight (after which we came awfully close to getting shot near), and we were talking about how I think she ought to write a book, and she said if she wrote one, it would probably be a cookbook/organization book, which reminded me that Amanda is having a fling with her label maker, and it hit me: Amanda and Jennifer need to meet!

Amanda and I have a somewhat sordid history with our old book club. We weren’t very good members, because we mostly were there for the wine and appetizers and to talk and giggle. And Jennifer said she wouldn’t mind being in that kind of book club.

But back to my chandelier. I want one in the bedroom. Which I think is much more doable than a butler’s pantry, since I really can’t add on to the house. Maybe I should look at some next week. I know for a fact that if you start unscrewing things on your ceiling fan, it will eventually just fall to the floor, and I definitely know how to install a ceiling fixture.

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  1. Nirish says:

    Definitely go for the chandelier! And maybe some red velvet?

  2. Carrie says:

    I’m sure you’ve probably seen from some pictures I’ve posted here and there. I have a chandelier in nearly every room of my house, including my bedroom (dimmer switch is a must), the guest room, the bath room and the laundry room, in addition to those normal places like the dining room, living room, and parlor.

    One cannot have too many chandeliers.

  3. Amanda says:

    Check out some more aesthetically pleasing ceiling fan options at link below and I’d love to meet Jennifer and in other news, just read backlog and “Looooooo-rrrrrrrrr-ddddd.” You are in a bit of a *&%^& storm with Ma and Step-pa. I’ve seen bumper stickers that say “Jesus Loves you.” I do believe them. Can’t hurt.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m having trouble with this website.

  5. martinadee says:

    Whew. Figured it out. Sometimes I’m slow. I didn’t realize we were on a different website, and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t let me log in…

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