Black thumb

Hi, my name is Susan, and I’m a plant killer.

I can take a cutting of nearly anything and root it in water, but when it comes time to plant it in dirt, it all goes to hell and dies within 24 hours, no matter how well the root system is established.

Except for last year, and I had a little breakthrough. I bought four Chinese butterfly roses and a Chinese plum tree and had Joe put them out for me. I watered them religiously every day, just like the people over at Gardenhood told me to, and they took. And they’re still there.

The roses have different colored blooms on each plant, and because they have five petals, they look like butterflies lighting on them. I think next year my plum tree will have blooms on it.

So now I want to put another tree out. I went over to Gardenhood yesterday, thinking that what I want is a Japanese Maple, one of the ones with the tiny leaves that look like hands and turn bright red. The tree itself is kind of short and umbrella-shaped, and when you look at it, it sort of looks pixelated.

But then I got distracted and found a Red Tip (?) and I just want it terribly. Only I don’t think I have room for it. Unless I have Joe move my plum tree that he just put in last year. The Red Tip grows to about 25 feet tall and about that wide, and Lord have mercy, I just need that tree. The leaves are dark purple and it has has purple blooms.

I see what’s coming: I’m going to end up having that plum tree moved and the new tree put in. And get the Japanese Maple on top of all that.

I am a little astonished at my need to plant things in the outdoors, or anywhere, really. So unlike me.

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8 Responses to Black thumb

  1. Steph says:

    A redbud? They are lovely, but they’re not that fast growing. Plus, they can be pruned such that I’m sure your plum and it can live together. Imagine the beautiful pink and white together!

    • S. says:

      I’m not altogether certain I’ve got the right tree named here. The tree I’m talking about will reach its full height in 5-10 years, and I actually want it to do so.

      Now I’ve discussed with the gardener in my office, and we agree that the plum tree is still small enough to move, so I think I’ll do that (well, have Joe do it), and (have Joe) put it over there.

      You should really come visit.

  2. Sheila says:

    Your thumb is not black as in “dead”. Your thumb has become deep, dark, rich brown as in “thrive” (well, along with Joe’s help anyway)! That’s awesome!! 🙂

  3. leigh says:

    What’s gotten into you? Next thing you know, you’ll be hugging mice.

  4. Lori says:

    Oooooo. I love those Chinese butterfly roses! I believe I’ll have to get a couple for my side garden.

    • S. says:

      I like ’em. They grow quickly, and every day there are more flowers. And they really do look like butterflies flitting around. Mine have gotten really big. I think by the end of summer, they’ll be about four feet tall and four feet across.

  5. Katie says:

    I’ve never heard of Chinese butterfly roses. They do sound pretty.

    A while back my mother got really into Japanese maples. Now they’re all over the yard, front and back. They’re beautiful, but some are getting pretty big and starting to encroach on what is not a very big space.

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