Are you leaving or not?

I had an appointment this morning in a building I could see from my office if there weren’t a billboard in the way.

I gave myself twenty minutes to get there anyway, because contrary to popular opinion, I do try to be on time, and you need time to park and get in and go to the bathroom and what have you.

There were no spots left, but I saw a car with its taillights on, so I pulled behind it and turned on my blinkers.

It was 10:45, so I still had 15 minutes to get parked and get upstairs. It was all good.

I knew the lady was in the car, because I could see the flash of a hand waving periodically.

Five minutes passed, then seven. Cars began queuing up behind me. There was nowhere for me to go. I gently honked my horn. Nothing. She carried on her conversation.

Finally I got out of my car and went and tapped on her window, “Are you finished with your business here?” I asked.

She was quite pleasant, actually. “Yes! Is there really nowhere else to park?”

“Well, no,” I said, “and we’ve all been sitting here ten minutes. There’s a bit of a jam going on.”

She rolled up her window and continued her conversation (naturally) as the other cars started honking their horns, and eventually left.

I made it to my appointment at exactly 11:00 on the dot. Not what I’d hoped for, but not late, either.

But man, I’ve had my eye on some 1978 Better Homes & Gardens that I’ve been wanting to swipe.

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2 Responses to Are you leaving or not?

  1. Amanda says:

    I have to say—this is a peeve. if someone is offering a service and you are paying for said service, I really believe if they have a “waiting room” and are asking you to wait for the services you started paying for the minute you drove in the parking garage—WHY can’t they keep their magazine subscriptions current? With magazines almost falling to the wayside with online rags, they are soooooo cheap. Most zines offer a 2 for 1 subscriptions even….just sayin….

    • S. says:

      I do not know why they can’t. I also don’t know why I have to move from room to room to continue my waiting. It’s not like I need a change of scenery to enhance the experience.

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