Raquel Nelson update

This afternoon I spoke with Ms. Nelson’s attorney, David Savoy, and with her aunt, Loretta Williams.

There are a few things we can do to help.

Ms. Williams sent me a direct link to a petition that you can sign:

I know, I know, you’re skeptical about online petitions. Please do it anyway.

The second is you can contact the Cobb Superior Court and ask for leniency. I am waiting for the name of the judge. In the meantime, address your correspondence to the Clerk of Courts. HERE’S THE CATCH: you cannot pussyfoot around about this. This is urgent and must be done immediately. Sentencing is Tuesday. 

The third is you can go to the sentencing on Tuesday and help fill that courtroom. If you can’t go, maybe you can pass this along and someone you know can.

Fourth, there will be an appeal. Appeals are expensive. A legal defense fund is being set up. It will be tied up all nice and neat tomorrow, and I will pass along the information when I have it. $2 will help. $200 will help. You will be able to drop off any amount, at any time, at any Chase Bank branch. Mr. Savoy is in no way involved in her legal defense fund.

Tomorrow there will be a press conference at 11:30 in Glover Park at the Marietta Square. I believe it will be aired on WAOK (1380 AM).

I will post more information as I have it.

It is important to note that I do not speak for Ms. Nelson, her family, or her attorney. I do not know these people, but I know injustice when I see it.

Thank you for helping me help them. I appreciate it.

And now please pass this along.

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12 Responses to Raquel Nelson update

  1. jaysaint says:

    Signed. I will be half a country away on Tuesday, but my I’m ready to put my checkbook where my mouth is when you have the donation info.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    I’ve been following this on the Reason blog and The Agitator. It’s an incredible thing, what’s happened to our legal system (it’s NOT a justice system).

  3. I’ve signed and commented on your petition. I can’t send a whole lotta dollars but I can send a few.

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