To send a letter to the judge:

Here is how you send a letter to the judge:

The Honorable Katheryn Tanksley
State Court of Cobb County
12 East Park Square
Marietta, GA 30090-0115

The appropriate salutation is

Dear Judge Tanksley:

Please sign your letter and include your address, otherwise it will be summarily dismissed.

In the interest of time, you may email it to her via her assistant at:

Here is my letter, if you’re stumped, but please compose your own:

Dear Judge Tanksley:

I do not pretend to be an expert in the legal field, but I do recognize injustice when I see it.

The charges of vehicular homicide, reckless conduct, and jaywalking against Raquel Nelson were over-reaching in their scope. Ms. Nelson has already paid a price no one should ever have to pay, and she certainly was not reckless. Further, at the stretch of road in question, crossing even in the crosswalk (a third of a mile in either direction) is a death-defying stunt.

As such, I request leniency in her sentencing.

I do not know how we have reached a place where a woman crossing the street – who was, herself, injured – with her children loses a child and becomes a victim of the system that is supposed to be her champion. I do not know, and I do not understand.

We live in interesting times, indeed.

Thank you for your consideration.

my name
my address

If you are interested in attending the hearing, it will be Tuesday morning at 10:00 at the address above.

Thank you so much for your time in all this. Every person’s voice will help this young woman and her children.

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4 Responses to To send a letter to the judge:

  1. Honor says:

    The email address above does not work. The email I sent was returned for permanent failure to deliver. 😦

  2. Eileen says:

    Do they want people outside Cobb County to write as well? (People in other states?)

    • S. says:

      Letters from Cobb County are especially helpful, but every single letter helps.

      Thank you for asking, and thank you in advance for your letter.

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