It has been a weird weekend.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Finally put the drawers back in the kitchen and closed the cabinet doors. Now I need to clean the floors with ammonia to get the paint up and turn it black and white again instead of dirty and black.

I have some organizy things from The Container Store to put into use. Maybe, um, Tuesday. I should do it before the cleaning lady comes, in any case.

Today I went over to the Home Depot on Piedmont, the one with the best selection of things, and the one that my friend Ron, from college, works at as a kitchen designer and finally picked knobs and pulls. Naturally they’re special order, but at least I finally picked some and ordered them.

It was also good to see Ron, who I spent nearly all my spare time with way back when. Nobody since then has made me laugh the way he did.

I need to get up right now and get things together for the week and that’s all the news that fits.

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Reader, writer, talker, knitter, picture taker, tennis player, music lover, Southerner.
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