Raquel Nelson – the next step

Raquel Nelson has decided to seek a retrial, and now is the time for her supporters to act.

Our next step is to write the solicitor general, Barry Morgan, and ask him to drop his case against her, as it is within his power to do.

Here is his contact information:

Solicitor General Barry Morgan
10 East Park Square Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30090-9638

If you will write a letter and email it to me at


I will print your letter and put it with the others that come to me and drive them directly to her defense team and see that they are placed in the hand of Mr. Morgan.

Steve Sadow has taken this case pro bono, but the legal costs have been overwhelming, and there are still fees to be paid for. If you feel able to contribute to her legal defense fund, you may do so at any Chase branch in the country.

I have asked a lot of all of you in the last several weeks regarding this, and I appreciate the overwhelming the response from each of you in Ms. Nelson’s support.

Ms. Nelson is a good, good person, and so is her aunt, Loretta Williams, who I have been speaking with regularly. They have both shown such grace under such hard circumstances, and I also thank you on their behalf.

With your help, this will soon be behind Raquel, and she and her children can pick up the pieces and resume their lives.

Keep those cards and letters pouring in.

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