I like to piddle around.

If I have a two-day weekend, I like to spend the first day piddling around getting nothing done, except maybe errands. If somebody else needs help at their house, I like to go do that, even if what they need doing is far more unpleasant than what I need to do at my house.

This weekend is a three-day-weekend and I have now piddled away two days.

I located the place where the mouse comes in and I’m going to plug it.

It’s under the kitchen sink, in the floor of the cabinet where the drain pipe goes under the house. I had A Plan whereby I was going to get a sheet of some sort of metal and some tin snips and make a template and cut it to fit around that pipe and then nail that bastard down.

As always happens on the way to the hardware store, though, I called my dear daddy and asked what to do. He told me to plug it with steel wool. Which seems a lot less likely to have me patching myself up in the bathroom, actually.

When I got to Lowe’s, I dropped off (yet another) paint chip and went looking for steel wool and ran into my friend Keith, who definitely shouldn’t be at the hardware store unattended. We had a jolly time looking for Allen wrenches (picked the ones that had the most in the package) and catching up.

Pete and Vince and Landon are doing some work over at Lynn and Pete’s house, so in the interest of extending the good right hand of friendship, I had to go over there today with a cooler of drinks and some sandwiches and snacks, and that was my big activity for the day. Plus I had to wash the dog and then there was dinner with Greg and the grocery store for me.

You see how time gets away from me. But I have SIX PACKS of steel wool and a new bucket of paint, so I’m poised to act just any second now!

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2 Responses to Piddler

  1. Kt says:

    Sounds like my weekends. This weekend I got up early and was very productive on Saturday, both at home and at my mom’s. The other two days just kind of disappeared–things got done, including a fair amount of lounging, but suddenly it’s Monday night. And I still have no milk after clearing out the fridge after the storm last week.

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