Things I have never done, in no particular order

1. Played a video game
2. Seen an episode of Star Trek
3. Eaten a tamale
4. Cheated on a test
5. Worn an air-brushed t-shirt
6. Skydived (skydove?)
7. Successfully changed a lock
8. Gone to a bar alone
9. Cut grass

About S.

Reader, writer, talker, knitter, picture taker, tennis player, music lover, Southerner.
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6 Responses to Things I have never done, in no particular order

  1. Tara McCall says:

    I’m pretty sure that on that list the only thing I’ve not done is number 6. Although as far as number 2 goes I have never watched an entire episode and what I have watched was not done by my choice. And I’m not really sure about number 4. I’d like to say I’ve never done that but I can’t really remember that far back!!!! So let’s go with no. 🙂

  2. jaysaint says:

    I haven’t done four of those things, and two of which I can promise I never will.

    • S. says:

      I’m going to guess one of them is “wear an air-brushed t-shirt.” My mother wouldn’t let me have one. She said they were trashy; once I got big enough to be my own boss, there just wasn’t any sport in it.

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