Maybe you noticed I was gone for a whole week.

I wasn’t in jail or rehab, and I don’t work for the CIA.

That’s all I have to say about that.

I’m back now, and I’m tickled to report that fall is in full swing here in the briarpatch. The sky is bright blue and the weather is just cool enough to require long sleeves, but not cool enough to tote a jacket around.

This is my favorite time of year because it smacks of new beginnings, new chances, a time to change your mind, an opportunity to start something new. It’s also a time to shed the old things in preparation for the new things.

Speaking of new things, Lynn and Pete’s brand new little baby girl, Petra, was born at brunch time on Sunday morning. I knew when the phone rang it was Pete calling to tell me so and I slid across the floor in my socks to get to it.

I met her yesterday and she is the tiniest, prettiest little treat of a baby – warm and snuggly and good-smelling, with hands like little starfish and a great big yawn. She’s already trying to lift her head, like her big sister, Anya, and she’s the most active newborn I’ve ever seen, pedaling her legs like she’s got somewhere to be.

Speaking of old things, I’m reading The Virgin Suicides, by Jeffrey Eugenides. I was going to read his new book, The Marriage Plot, but I read the sample and thought, eh, but I really liked Middlesex. It’s all so complicated. The Virgin Suicides is really good, so maybe I’ll give it another chance. Maybe I’ll read Forrest Gump first, though.

There would be a picture of the day today, had I not left my phone at home. I panicked for a second when I realized I didn’t have it, but for 89% of my life I didn’t carry a phone around with me and nothing bad happened, so I didn’t go back around the block and get it. I’m not a heart surgeon, so it’s not like somebody’s going to call and need me to walk them through life-saving surgery out in the field. I do know how to run the country, but nobody has asked for my opinion yet.

I believe that’s all the news that fits, citizens.

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