These boots were made for walking…

And just like that, I have booked an apartment in Rome.

It’s less than 60 days until we leave so it’s too late to cancel.

We’re really going.

I don’t know what a dongle is, but we have one in our room for use of the internet.

I suspect we might have one of those backwards faucets that we can’t figure out too, but you know what they say: when in Rome

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6 Responses to These boots were made for walking…

  1. Andy Johnson says:

    There’s a type of Italian wine called Lacrymosa Christi. (Tears of Christ) If you haven’t tried it, try it. Feudi makes my favorite.

  2. shanigentry says:

    Where is it in the city?

  3. Samantha Joy says:

    A dongle is probably a device that connects you to the Internet via a cellular network. That’s what it would be in the US anyway. That’s how I connect at home; it’s not high speed but it’s tons better than dialup.

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