With enough courage, you don’t need a reputation.

That’s something Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O’Hara.

I hold that with enough reputation, you don’t need courage.

On the second or third day I’d been at college, I was sitting on a bench outside my dorm with my two new (only) friends when a bunch of girls came up and demanded to know which of us was Susan Scarbrough.

I had yet to break five feet, and I’ve never been known for my imposing physical presence, but I answered nonetheless, “I am. Who needs to know?”

Their leader, Helen somebody-or-other, stepped forward and leaned into my face and said, “We heard you said you could whip Jenny Cash’s ass. Jenny Cash said to tell you she’s going to whip your ass.”

I had no idea who Jenny Cash was and had never threatened to whip anybody’s ass (in my life), and had certainly never been threatened.

Not knowing what else to say, I looked Helen right in the eye and said, “Tell Jenny Cash I said okay.”

And that is how I got my reputation.

I never did get my ass whipped by Jenny Cash or anybody else. I never even met her.

(editor’s note: I have no idea if Jenny Cash ever said such a thing.)

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