Awful things I have said

Today I took a rare lunch out with a friend to a local Thai restaurant.

The restaurant itself is up an elevator, and there’s a Thai taxi, called a tuk tuk, in the elevator lobby.

There was a younger-than-I-am couple who arrived seconds before I did, and the gentleman was explaining to the hot blonde about the tuk-tuks.

When the elevator arrived, he stepped in after her but before me and said to her, “Don’t you think it’s funny in Thailand that they have a city called BangKOK and another one called PHUKet?”

I lifted my brows and looked at her in the mirrored door and said, “Last date?”

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4 Responses to Awful things I have said

  1. Amanda says:

    Can’t wait to hear about this lunch….

  2. Jackie! says:

    BOL (burst out laughing)

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