What a drag it is getting old.

Lately I’ve been tired.

Well, maybe not tired, but inclined to nap.

If I have something to do, I will do it and be happy to do it, not get tired or worn out doing it, not dread doing it.

If I don’t have something to do, I will read a book for a bit and then look at the dog and say, “Puppy! We’d better take a nap!”

I do this more often than I think decent people should.

So it’s been on my mind a lot, and because I am an Internet Doctor, I looked it all up and decided I’d better do some preemptive diagnosing.

My blood pressure is always low, and my blood sugar was 82 the last time I checked. My cholesterol is fine. I checked my resting pulse rate several times yesterday and it was never over 68. Why, I’m practically an elite athlete!

I don’t have any swelling of any extremities and I’m not short of breath. No nausea, no fever, no arm or jaw pain. My glands aren’t swollen. My hair isn’t flat.

I figured I’d better call my friends in the medical field and describe, in great detail, what was going on and ask what kind of specialist I should see immediately.

They listened sympathetically, each of them, and then kind of snickered a little before reminding me I’m just old.

At least they didn’t suggest I’m just lazy.



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2 Responses to What a drag it is getting old.

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh dear-I have the nap ailment but I have had it for almost 12 years now—am only 39—do the math–I am aging at a much faster rate.

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